Image of 3 pills (yellow, red, blue) from the Vitriol CD cover
About Vitriol
Monkey Hip Dysplasia 4:36 play that funky music you silly caucasoid
Speak To You  5:22  sure I still talk to the dead, we just don't date anymore
Shoe  4:34  the best chorus you could possibly sing while angry
Psycho Killer  3:35  talking heads gets transmogrified for the twenty-first century
Irk  4:32  internet swing for your virtual jazz combo
Nun  4:19  the song that guarantees you first chair in hell's house band
Swift Kick  5:49  so many idiots, so little time
Trial + Error  4:38  an absolutely true story - without any words
Bebop  5:46  band leaders. say no more
Vitriol  4:54  electric pakistan
Simple Simian  5:43  sure I wash my hands thirty times a day - so what are you saying?
B3  3:37  she better have brains and a brickhouse bod to behold
Cruel Spines  6:26  yet another funk metal tune about amazonian fauna
Skeptic  4:48  four and three quarter minutes of pure common sense